Rep. Dan Crenshaw posts #boycottbudlight video with fridge full of Karbach, owned by same company

Rep. Dan Crenshaw has jumped on the #boycottbudlight bandwagon, but he made a critical mistake in the execution.

Some conservatives have been outspoken after Anheuser-Busch hired actress and transgender rights activist Dylan Mulvaney to promote Bud Light during the Final Four, with some voicing anti-trans bullet points and calling for a boycott.

Videos featuring the hashtag #boycottbudlight have surfaced, showing people throwing the beer into the trash. Crenshaw, R-Texas, did his own video, but with a twist. When he opened his fridge, there was no Bud Light inside.

There was a lot of Karbach beer, however, particularly Crawford Bock and Love Street. Karbach is owned by Bud Light's parent company: Anheuser-Busch. The foam on top of this ironic pint glass is that the local brewer has supported LGBTQ causes and Black Lives Matter in the past.

Crenshaw also did a photo-op with the brewery back in 2019 when he was touring Houston to help promote flood mitigation projects.

Anheuser-Busch has defended its choice of Mulvaney, claiming the company works with all kinds of influencers.

Crenshaw's office later responded, calling the congressman's video a joke about the uproar. His official Instagram account left a comment on our post about it Monday.

"Wow y’all hurtin for clicks?? Lol it was a FUNNY video. Lighten up. Just not with light beer."