Houston weather: Expect a sunny and warm Thursday

Thursday will be nice, warm and dry.

Thursday will be nice, warm and dry.

Courtesy/National Weather Service

Banish any thought of an April tropical storm from your mind. Rain chances on Thursday are "virtually nil," according to the National Weather Service in League City. The next two days should be nice, but Saturday looks like it will be stormy.

Wednesday night

The last of the storms cleared out in the early evening. Lows will be in the 50s.


The skies will be dotted with clouds in the morning but things will clear out later. Temperatures will reach the upper 70s and could even touch 80 degrees.

Looking ahead

Friday will look a lot like Thursday, but chances are pretty good that a cold front will move through the area on Saturday afternoon and evening. The front could bring thunderstorms, with the highest chances being east of I-45 and south of I-10. Sunday and Monday will be nicer.