Texas Flood Map & Tracker

Interact with the map for real-time flood updates in the Houston region, long-term flood risk assessments for the state of Texas, and live weather radar and storm surge threat.

About the Data

Long-term Risk: Enter a property address in the search bar or zoom and drag the map to see the percentage of properties in a given area that are at risk of flooding in the next 30 years due to high-intensity rainfall, overflowing rivers, streams and bayous, high tides and/or coastal storm surge. The data is provided by FloodFactor , a free online tool created by the First Street Foundation, a nonprofit that uses historical environmental data and climate change projections to calculate the likelihood of floods.

Storm Updates: Rainfall imagery comes from RainViewer and is updated every 10 minutes.

Potential Storm Surge: A storm surge layer, when available, will be added to the map from the National Weather Service's P-Surge model . We show likelihood of surge flooding above three feet using a purple gradient, from possible to almost certain .

Road Conditions The road conditions map will automatically update with “likely” or “possible” flooding alerts from Harris County Flood Control District gauges; National Weather Service flood warnings; and staff reports of street closures and area flooding across the Houston region.

Flood Resources

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