Map: The best places to find bluebonnets and other wildflowers around Houston

Looking for bluebonnets ? Each year, TxDOT plants 30,000 pounds of seeds along Texas highways , a mix of grasses and wildflowers that bring springtime blooms. While on the prowl, you may also find Indian paintbrush, buttercups and Mexican blanket flowers .

Use the map below to find some of the best locations around Houston to get you started on your quest for bluebonnets and other Texas wildflowers.

Source: Houston Chronicle Map by Jordan Ray-Hart


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Reporting by Diane Cowen / Houston Chronicle and Melissa Aguilar / Houston Chronicle . Design and development by Janie Haseman / Hearst DevHub and Emma Stiefel / San Francisco Chronicle . Production by Jordan Ray-Hart / Houston Chronicle .

Originally published on April 10, 2023